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CP2: First-year Electromagnetism (2017/18)


Problem Sets:

Problem Set 1: A. Electric Fields, Potentials and the Principle of Superposition
Problem Set 2: B. The Method of Image Charges; C. Gauss' Law
Problem Set 3: D. Capacitance; E. Magnetostatics
Problem Set 4: F. Electromagnetic Induction and Self-Inductance
Problem Set 5: G. Motion of Charged Particles; H. EM Fields and Maxwell's Equations
Problem Set for TT Revision Lectures
TT Revision Lecture Slides

Lecture Notes:

Lecture Notes (in A4 print format)
Lecture Notes (in slide format)

Lecture Recordings:

Audio-visual recordings of the lectures can be accessed by the current student cohort through this link. If you have difficulties with access, please email Dr Carrie Leonard-McIntyre.


Listen to us while we discuss Michael Faraday, and the discovery of electromagnetic induction, on BBC Radio 4 "In Our Time"!


C3: Condensed Matter Physics - Optical Properties of Solids

Optical Properties

Information on the C3 Major Option and Materials for the Lecture Course on Optical Properties of Solids is available here.


Graduate Course: Leading Edge Experimental Techniques

Experimental techniques

A pdf-version of the Lecture on Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopy is available for download within Oxford.