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The Semiconductors Group is a research group within the sub-department of Condensed Matter Physics, which is part of the sub-faculty of Physics at Oxford University.

Our research is focused on investigating nanostructured, molecular and inorganic semiconducting materials. These compounds are a relatively recent innovation, yet they have already proven to be crucial ingredients to an increasing number of applications. Nanostructured materials offer large functional areas per material volume, making them ideal for efficient light-harvesting in photovoltaic cells, energy storage in batteries or fuel cells, and for chemical or biological sensing. A particular benefit of these systems is that they can generally be made through simple processing steps, resulting in low-cost fabrication that requires little energy. In addition, the emergence of such nanostructures has allowed the exploration of new fundamental science, as for example artificial light harvesting and photocurrent generation at interfaces, supramolecular self-assembly and an understanding of material dynamics.

Our group is particularly interested in increasing our understanding of how properties on the nanoscale affect the generation and mobility of charge carriers and the diffusivity of photoexcitations. Our experiments are largely based on a range of femtosecond spectroscopic methods to follow the dynamics of photoexcitations in a material. These techniques provide non-contact analytical tools to examine how molecular or hybrid materials may be optimized for implementation in solar cells, light-emitting devices or transistors. Our investigations are conducted in close collaboration with researchers specialized in the chemical synthesis or growth of semiconductors, those working on device development and those engaged in theoretical modelling.

The group is located at the Clarendon Laboratory, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PU, UK.
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