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Research Areas

The group's activities encompass three broad areas of research:

Next-generation photovoltaic (PV) devices
  • development of low-cost PV based on dye-sensitized metal-oxide particles and/or solution-processed carbon-based semiconductors;

  • development of thermo-photovoltaic cells based on inorganic semiconductors;

  • development of new active materials for PV through synthesis, characterization and implementation into devices.

Nano-sized and nano-structured semiconducting materials

Optical, electronic and morphological properties of nano-materials, such as:
  • carbon nanotubes;

  • inorganic semiconductor nanowires and quantum dots;

  • molecular nanowires;

  • nanoporous metal-oxide materials.


Light emission, transmission, amplification and detection by semiconducting materials:
  • development of emitters and detectors for THz radiation;

  • enhancement of PV efficiencies through photonic crystal top-layers;

  • research into fundamental science of photon-matter interactions.
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